Rotan Rug

This is used as a sleeping and sitting mat in traditional houses in the forbidden jungles of East Borneo. The weaving involves a long complex process that requires skilled artisans to craft. Made from quality sustainable rattan and natural dyes. It can be used indoor and undercover outdoor space, picnics and beach. Easy to clean, messy pets and children friendly.

Fish Trap

Traditional fish trap made by father and son in Central Borneo remote community. This multi-function and durable piece can be used indoor - outdoor as a side table, basket, lamp shade or light pendant. Made of two types of rare heavy rattans grown in the jungles and mangroves. 

Akar Table

This is originated from the root of a teak tree grown in a sustainable teak plantation in Central Java. The root is carefully extracted from the soil, cleaned and slightly polished into a table. Teak is 'The Queen of Wood' as it is the most durable and low maintenance wood for indoor - outdoor. Our Akar Table includes a beveled round glass top 6mm thick. 

Money Stick

A highly regarded item for indigenous communities in West Papua. It is used as currency exchange to buy land and as bride dowry. The length of the stick and number of shells represents the wealth and prestige of its owner. Crafted from pieces of broken shells washed ashore. Black metal stand included.

Big Broom

This broom is both functional and serves as a fabulous art piece.  Frida & Blu show-stopper broom is made of sustainable seagrass and bamboo, handmade by artisans in Central Java. It is light and made to wipe away dirt and dust off the floor, indoor - outdoor. They come in three striking colours: natural, teal and magenta. 

Matchy Matchy Cushions

Our black and white outdoor cushions come in round and bolster shapes, made to go with our furniture collection. We use SUNPROOF high quality performance outdoor fabric and quick drying foam. Suitable for homes, hospitality and commercial use, for comfort and long lasting performance against natural weather. Woven and dyed olefin yarn, non-toxic, 100% recyclable with hygiene protection. 

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