We source Peruvian vintage rugs 'frazadas' that have never been walked on, ranging between 20 - 100 years of age. Made of hand-spun yarn that were naturally dyed, and handwoven on a backstrap loom.

The perfect statement piece for minimalist, coastal and country homes .

A variety of patterns and colours including rich earthy tones with complex weaving,  vivid simple stripes, as well as choices of muted coral hues of pink or orange. shades. 


The perfect way of using frazadas is by layering it on a jute or over a plain rug, you may also put two frazadas side by side, or hang them on a wall as wall art.

Frazadas are traditionally used as blankets by the villagers of the Andes during the freezing months in the high altitude mountains. They have been crafted since pre-Hispanic times, each piece takes 4 - 6 weeks to weave on a backstrap loom. They are extremely thick and robust weighing between 4 - 5kg ensuring durability for many years to come. 

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Upcycled. Repurposed.

One and only. These alpaca wool bucket bags have travelled through places and time. Made from off-cuts of vintage frazadas circa 1920-50s, collected from villages and weavers in the Andes mountains which then lovingly repurposed into bags by artisans in Cuzco.